It’s like Paris with a K!

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New York City based Actor, Singer, Dancer.

Lauren, portrayed by Karis Gallant, gave me a different layer every time. Like an onion being peeled back, she commanded the stage every time she was on. Following the likes of comedic greats such as Leah Remini, Kristen Wiig and Elizabeth Banks she nailed this character.
— Drew Eberhard, Broadway World

Born in NJ and having attended college in CT, Karis holds a BFA in Music Theatre from the Hartt School. She currently resides in NYC. If reported missing, please check her local coffee shops.

Has anyone ever told you that you look like Kristen Bell?
— Lots of people
The cast was rounded out by some truly incredible supporting acts. Karis Gallant’s performance of “History of Wrong Guys” had the entire crowd in tears and even rivaled a neurotic number from ‘Tootsie’ that also had the audience crying from laughter.
— UrbanMatter, Cadillac Palace Theatre
As Olive, Karis Gallant, is delightful—first, that accent! The blend of baby doll sexpot (why was that ever a thing?) with a dash of New Jersey nasal—gets deployed resulting in some hilarious moments. She’s an excellent singer, performing with gusto.
— FIG West Chester
I’ve seen “Bullets” three times, and Gallant did a better job of keeping Olive from being a type than her Broadway or touring counterparts did.
— Nealspaper